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10 Must have Laptop accessories for Students

For student Laptops are the most portable computing device, If you are a student that has recently bought a laptop or is looking for the must-have laptop accessories for students then you are at the right place we have compiled a list of the most useful and must-have laptop accessories.

From working to surfing internet or playing games in laptop, laptops can be the best combination of all of these. No matter if you are using a Windows PC or a MacBook if you don’t accessorize your laptop with the best accessories for laptop in 2020 then you will not be able to use its full potential. From protecting your laptop to increasing productivity there is an accessory according to your requirement.

Regardless of the fact that you are using it for productivity or for playing games. Lets explore to the list of best accessories for laptop in 2020.

Here is the list of 10 must have laptop accessories for students

1 . Laptop Bag

laptop bag

We can’t deny the fact one must have a laptop bag weather he/she is a businessman or a student safety always comes first. You can’t always carry your laptop in your hand like notebook because you can’t risk your thousands of rupees investment to fall down and get it damaged or the worse case can be imagine that you are carrying your laptop in hand and suddenly it starts raining.

To safeguard your laptop from dust, scratch, water drops laptop bag is the most important investment that you have to do. There are a variety of Laptops bags that are available in the market but it required to buy bags that should look like normal shoulder bag because they look more professional because if you are going for a meeting then you should look more professional.

It is also advised to bug the laptop bag of the same brand because they are designed according to the specification of your laptop. Also, before buying a laptop bag check that it has the required pockets and necessary protection for your device or not. If you travel a lot then it will be among must have laptop accessories.



If you want a more powerful storage in your laptop than you can buy an external hard disk or a SSD they will act as a backup storage device. Nowadays, hard disk are very small and easy to carry. You can store your videos ,photos, games, apps, etc. and also this will free up some space in your laptop.

The size of the hard disk can vary according to your requirement and budget. You can buy 1TB/2TB of hard disk. But I will suggest you to buy an portable SSD instead of buying a hard disk because SSD are more faster than hard disk.

3 . Bluetooth/USB mouse


The next best accessories for the laptop is a mouse weather you buy a wired or a wireless mouse it’s totally your choice but we can’t deny that the trackpad of the laptop doesn’t the ease and comfort than an actual mouse. A mouse will make your work very easy and if you are doing office work then surely it will increase the efficiency.

And if if you are a gamer and loves to play games then it is the must have thing that you have to buy for laptop.

4 . Keyboard Cover

If you have just bought a new laptop then it will be a great idea to invest in a keyboard cover to protect it from any kind of damage. A better keyboard cover will make your typing experience more comfortable. The only disadvantadge is that if you have a backlit keyboard then it will hinder the light of the keyboard.

5 . Headphones

Whether you are watching videos or playing games clarity in the sound its very important and the sound for any kind of laptop is not so loud. Therefore investing some amount of money in a better quality of headphones will enhance your experience while watching videos or gaming without disturbing anyone. There are several headphone brands like JBL, Skull Candy that will provide you better sound experience at affordable prices.

6 . VPN Software

Now if we talk about privacy most of the student forget the fact that surfing free wifi at coffee shop will give invitation to the hacker to capture your traffic and steal your private information. You can install a VPN software in your laptop to increase the privacy. There are severeal free VPN available in the maket.

7 . Portable storage pouch

storage pouch

This can be a small thing but the most important must-have laptop accessories for students. If you are a student or a working professional then you must have a mess of things in your laptop bag like Pendrive, data cables, charger, power bank, etc. All these things create a mess in the bag and make it difficult to find things.

Here is a solution you can buy a portable storage pouch to store such things such as pendrives, charger, power bank, hard disks, etc. Buy the storage pouch that can fit in your bag.

8 . Port replicator

Many laptop doesn’t have a C type port and sometimes there are cases that so much devices are connected to the laptop that we need and extra port to connect another device. They are the ideal device to connect external hard drives, pendrives, etc.

9 . Pendrive/USB Flash Drive

USB Flash drives are the most portable laptop accessory that can easily fit in your pocket and can store a large amount of data. A USB Flash drive can be a perfect storage companion for your laptop. And also they don’t require a large amount of investment, you can easily buy an 8 GB or 16 GB at cheap prices. Believe it it is the must have laptop accessories for students.

10 . LapDesk

last but not the least in the list of must-have laptop accessories for students is a LapDesk. They can be very useful especially in the absence of a study desk. You can easily place your laptop on it and can do your work more comfortably while sitting on the bed.

Conclusion for must have laptop accessories for laptop

Having a laptop without accessories is like having a sword without the armour. That it these were the 10 must have laptop accessories for students. For a student these were the best accessories for laptop in 2020. If you liked our post then tell us in the comment section.

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