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5 Best Logo maker apps for Android

Nowadays there are a lot of reasons for that you will need a logo wheather you are setting a new business or creating a Youtube channel or running a website you have to design a perfect and creative logo for youtube channel or website. While visiting your website or channel the first thing that one notices is logo of your channel or website. Some of the people who are good at designing can design professional logo but not everyone know photoshop, so we are here with 5 best logo maker apps for Android.

There are plenty of website available from where you can create your own logo for youtube channel or website or business, but most of them are premium and are very complicated. There are a lot of apps that are available of Google Play Store from where you can create logo for youtube or business within minutes.

5 Best logo maker apps for Android

Here is the list of 5 best logo maker apps for Android:

1 . Canva


No doubt Canva is the best and most popular graphic photo editing apps available on Google Play Store. You can use this app as poster maker, video editor, and logo maker. This app is very easy to use and it also has unique design and color options available. You can also import your own designs that you have created and also you can access 500 fonts, logo templates, and some other goodies.

2 . DesignEvo


DesignEvo is a light weight app for Android to design logo. This app is very light weight and very easy to use with this app you can create amazing logos within minutes. This app includes more than 3500 logo templates, 100+ logo fonts, and powerful editing options to create unique logos.

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3 . 3D Logo Maker

3D Logo Maker

This app is for those who are looking create 3D logos in Android. With this app you can create, design and generate 3D logos from your smartphones very easily. The app also includes templates, icons, symbols, and several other designing elements.

4 . Gaming Logo Maker

Gaming Logo Maker

As the name suggest with this app you can create logo for Youtube channel specific for gaming niche. With the Gaming Logo maker you can create logos for gaming channel. This app offers a lot of background colors, patterns, stickers, borders, effects, and more.

5 . Picsart


If you a little bit professional in editing or you want to learn editing in android then this app will be best for you to create logos. There are tons of tutorials available on Youtube to create logo with Picsart. You can create professional logos with this app with a little efforts.


These were the the best 5 Logo maker apps for android that you can use to create logo for Youtube channel or website or for business with android. If you know any other apps tell us in the comment. If you liked our post about best logo maker apps for Android then tell us in the comment box.

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