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How does a graphics card work?

If you are very much interested in knowing how does a graphics card work. These days graphics card has pushed the boundaries and made 4K gaming available for the gamers. The job of graphics cards is very complex, however, its principles and components are easy to understand. In this article we will look forward to what is a graphics card, how does a graphics card or GPU works, and how to check if a graphics card is working or not.

What is a Graphics Card?


In simple terms, a graphics card is a hardware component that increases video memory and makes the display quality better and smoother. A graphics card is responsible for rendering the image to the monitor. Simply a graphics card makes the computer more powerful and gives the capacity to do more powerful work. A graphic card is very important for heavy work such as doing gaming, video editing.

Every game requires graphics memory depends on the game and the requirements that are mentioned by the game developers.

Types of Graphics Card

Integrated: Integrated graphics card are pre-built into the motherboard and are found in most of the laptops and computers that are cost effective. They cannot be upgraded easily.

Discrete: Discrete graphics cards are external graphics cards that is added to the motherboard as external components. Most of the users which are doing basic tasks such as office work, word document, watching movies, listening songs don’t need external graphics card but those who loves to play high-resolution games or their work is related to video editing must need powerful graphics card as per requirement.

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How does a Graphics Card Work?

The CPU or the Central Processing Unit of a computer works with the software and application and sends the information about an image to the graphics card. Then the graphics card decides how to use the image pixel on the screen to create an image and sends the information to the monitor through a cable.

Like a motherboard a graphic card also has memory RAM and processor. Graphics Card processor that is also called the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit), it is more like the brain of the graphics card that is responsible for doing complex mathematical problems required for graphics rendering. As the GPU create the image it store the data of each pixel to color information in the graphics card memory. And then the VRAM sends data to the monitor when needed.

A Graphics card is connected to the computer through the motherboard and communicates with CPU. Also, newer graphics card require more power sometime more than the motherboard so there is also direct connection with the power supply.

A-Frame Rate describe how many complete images a graphics card can display. A normal human eye can process about 25 Frame per second whereas, new and mordern games requires at least 60 FPS (Frame Per Second) to give smooth and better performance.

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