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Apple to Upgrade Face ID with New Heat Mapping Technology

From the past year, we have seen some amazing changes in smartphone technology from in-display fingerprint scanners to advance face-recognition. Now according to a new patent by Apple, Apple to upgrade face ID with New heat mapping technology.

According to the new Apple patent, “Occlusion detection for facial recognition processes” occlusion or obstruction of facial options will be detected and assessed by a particular heat-mapping digicam on a tool.

The new Apple face recognition technology will map users heat for the authentication. Now the question comes up in our mind what will be the use of this technology and how will it work?

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Apple to Upgrade Face ID

As of today the facial technique that we use captures an image of the users and uses it for authentication. However, the major disadvantage with this technology is that whenever users face is blocked by an object such as glass, mask, or hair it will hamper the authentication process.

New Heat Mapping Technology

New heat mapping technology by Apple

Now here comes the new Apple heat mapping technology which maps heat from users face and it will create landmark warmth maps of a facial picture after which evaluate it with the precise picture of the face to find out the placement of facial options just like the eyes, nostril, and mouth of the customers.

In other words, the new technology by Apple will create a warmth 3-D image of the users for authentication. If this technology comes up in the future Apple devices such as iPhones or iPads biometric authentication will be more secure and effective.

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