Best Chess Openings for White for beginners

Best Chess Openings for White

Hey are you a chess lover or started learning to play chess and are looking for the best chess opening for white so not to worry we are here with a definitive and detailed guide about the best chess openings for white for beginners that will help you to build a strong structure against your opponent. There are hundreds of openings for chess that you can play.

But the question is why we need to learn openings for chess. Well, the answer is simple that it will not only build your structure but also help you in the middle game of chess to attack your opponent.

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Advantages of Good openings

  • Develops the pieces
  • Provides the advantage of positions of the pieces to attack your opponent
  • protects the King from attacks

Some of the openings are defined such as attacking the center of the board with the pawns after that aggressively developing your pieces. If you are a player who tries to attack then a more aggressive opening will suit you better.

Most popular opening for White

One of the most popular openings for white is King’s pawn opening by bringing the king’s pawn forward to two spaces. and this is noted as 1.e4.

1. e4 or King’s pawn opening

Adavantages of Playing e4

One of the advantages of playing e4 at the starting is

  • Take control over the center and develop the pieces.
  • It opens up the immediate development of the queen and the light square bishops.

And after that, we can go for the Ruy Lopez (or Spanish) opening, the Italian Game (or Giuoco Piano), and the King’s Gambit against the black.

After moving a pawn to e4 the best opening for the white is to move a pawn to d4 i.e. queen’s pawn to two spaces and after that developing the two knights which leads to the center control for the white and we can take more advantage of the position of white pieces.

Also, another possible opening for white is King’s Indian attack by moving the knight to f3 i.e Kf3, and followed by pawn to c4. This opening is also among the most popular opening played by great players in history. However, also this opening doesn’t commit to a particular strategy there can be a number of variations but it can throw off the black pieces from the game. Let’s discuss in detail the best openings for white

Best Chess Openings for white

As the first thing is that we fight for the center and white has the opportunity by moving their pieces first. Therefore it is recommended to capture the center and then develop your pieces.

The d4 opening


In the d4 opening the white has to move the queen’s pawn to two spaces forward after that we can go for Queen’s Gambit, King’s Indian Defense, Nimzo-Indian, Bogo-Indian, Queen’s Indian Defense, and Dutch Defense.

By playing pawn to d4 it will not only take the control over the center but also freezes two pieces of the black at the beginning.

The e4 opening

One of the most common openings played in chess is moving the king’s pawn forward to two spaces i.e 1.e4 and taking control over the center immediately and opening the way for queen and light square bishop and we can say might be the best chess openings for the white for beginners.

White can also follow up by moving the knight to f3 i.e. Kf3 and moving the light-squared bishop to the c4 attacking the weakest file of the black i.e f7 pawn.


These were the best openings chess openings that you can play as a beginner. However, there are still more variations that you can play and you will learn this by playing with other players as your rating increases.

Conclusion for best chess openings for white

In the end, the main thing that you need to remember is to capture the center then build your pieces accordingly and protecting the King from attack. Hope you liked our article on the best chess openings for white that you can play.

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