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Best IDE FOR C++ in 2021

6 Best c++ IDE in 2021

The programming and developing industry has seen a massive influx of professionals since the beginning of the 21st century due to the availability of computers and the internet. And due to the covid 19 lockdowns all across the world, many students and employees are shifting their focus to work in the software industry. If you want to code and you chose C/C++ as your weapons and if you are confused about how to start, then you are at the right place to get a headstart for your coding journey. We are going to tell you about the best IDE for C++ and C that you might consider using in 2021.

WHY C/C++:

The very first question striking your mind would be why c/c++

The reason is quite simple C/C++ despite being the languages of the 20th century are still preferred in many areas such as :

i) GAMING: C++, due to its resource management capabilities and due to being very fast as compared to different languages is used to make interactive 3d games. Unreal games, one of the leading game engines is also written in c++.

ii) OPERATING SYSTEMS: C was the primary language for UNIX(after assembly language) and c++ is used for many Microsoft Windows versions

iii) COMPILERS: Many compilers such as DEV-C++ have been written in the C++ language

iv) DATABASING: The primary script of MYSQL, the most used database management software is done is c and C++.

After the choice of the language, the most obvious thing is to start writing code. But can we write a C/C++ code on notepad or we have to use any specific software? The answer to this question is yes and no. We can use notepad to write C/C++ code and then run it through a compiler to run the desired programme. But to write the code more efficiently and swiftly, we use a class of software called IDEs.

An IDE or integrated development environment is software that provides many tools for writing, compiling, and debugging a source code to maximize the productivity of a developer.

In this article, we are going to learn about the best IDE for C++ and C in 2021.

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Best IDE for C++ and C in 2021

Before we come to the list of top 5 IDEs for C/C++ in 2021 , we would like to give mention to Turbo C++.

6. TURBO C++


The IDE is now outdated but was the first choice for many C/C+ users for a long time and can still
be used if you want to simply write a code and compile it.

The following are the top IDEs for C/C++ in 2021

5. DEV C++:


DEV C++ is a full free featured IDE that uses MinGW or GCC as compilers for writing code in c/c++.

It is considered old and is not up to date and is often compared with Turbo but still, it is considered one of the best beginning IDEs for C/C++.

you can download DEV C++ from here



CODE::BLOCKS is an IDE for C/C++ which is open source and comes with a lot of interesting features as

a) comes with a debugger, multiple compilers and code completion.

b) free of cost and easy to use.

c) provides a free IDE solution and many tools for developers.

d) Available for Windows,macOS and LINUX

download code::blocks from

3. Clion


It is one of the smartest compilers used for C/C++ . Some of its features are :

a) user friendly and easy to understand UI

b) smart code completion

c) It is available for Mac OS, Windows and LINUX

d) Can build, run and debug and test a code easily

download C++ from


It is an open-source IDE that is mainly used for JAVA programming but is still a good choice for c/c++ programming because of :

a) It’s auto code completion and IntelliSense

b)It is integrated with GIT

c) simple yet effective UI

d) has advanced debugging options

download eclipse from the link



VISUAL STUDIO CODE or VS Code is a free code editor developed by Microsoft which has some features which makes it the most preferred IDE for C/C++

a) VS Code is customizable and user can change theme, debuggers

b) Comes with great syntax highlighting and IntelliSense which helps in auto-completion of code and parameter info

c) can easily be used with different version controls.

d) has an attractive UI

e) Is available for MACOS, LINUX and Windows.

download VS CODE from

Hope we have answered all your queries about the top IDEs for C/C++.We wish you all the best in your coding journey with these languages. For other queries about programming and technical stuff, you can refer to other articles on our website

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