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Best programming language to learn in 2021

Best Programming Languages

So you wanna start learning to program and don’t know where to start don’t worry this problem comes with everyone where are about to start learning to program for the first time or who is a beginner. And maybe the question is valid because there are thousands of programming languages available and people often get confused about where to start learning. So we are here with an amazing article on the best programming language to learn in 2021.

The amazing news is that you can easily find the answer to your question when we divide it into some steps. The first thing that you need to know is your interest, which field you wanna choose before learning any languages such as web development, android development, etc.

Here below is the list of the best programming languages that you should learn according to your area of interest.

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If you are still not clear with your future goals that which area will you choose then we have the List of Best programming languages to learn in 2021. These languages will always help in any field that you choose.

Best programming language to learn in 2021

1. Python

The language that comes in the list of best programming language is python, one question that may come to your mind is that why python is the most popular programming language. The answer is

  • Easy to learn and very simplified syntax
  • Hundreds of libraries and framework
  • Efficiency, reliability and speed
  • Big Data, Machine learning and cloud computing

One of the best things about python is that it is very easy to learn and is a free and open-source programming language. Python programming language is much popular due to machine learning and deep learning applications.

Python is also used to develop 2D imaging and 3D animation packages like Blender, Inkscape, and Autodesk. lt can also be used for scientific and computational applications.

Also, it is also used by some of the most popular websites such as Youtube, Instagram, Quora, etc.

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2. JavaScript

The second most popular language is JavaScript and the most commonly used programming language used by developers. Unsurprisingly according to a survey by Stack Overflow’s Developers survey revealed that almost 70% of the developers use JavaScript.

We know that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are essential for front-end development. The majority of the most popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube uses JavaScript programming language to create interactive web pages.

3. Java

You may think why I have put Java programing language in the list of number 3 it is very old and there are many programming languages better than that if you think that then you should think again my friend. Matured programming language and has a huge ecosystem. That’s why we have put this in the number 3 in the list of best programming language to learn in 2021.

If you start learning Java then you will get many benefits the first one is that it will be helpful for your placement perspective, if you are a college student, it also has extreme community support, object-oriented programming language.

Java is widely used in web and application development as well in big data. Java is also used in the backend of the most popular companies such as Google, YouTube, Amazon.

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4. Kotlin

Kotlin is a general-purpose, free and open-source programming language. It is mainly used for Android apps, web applications, desktop applications, and server-side application development.

It was built to be better than Java. Most of the Google applications were built on Kotlin.

5. C++

Yes, till now C++ has maintained its rank in the best programming language to learn in 2021, probably the oldest and the most commonly used programming language, C++ is just the enhanced version of C.

C++ programming language is considered high performance programming language. Both C and C++ are widely used where we need high performance such as in server application and in commercial platforms such as Firefox and Adobe, and video games.

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