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10 Best Wifi Hacking apps for Android Without/With Root

Almost everyone wants to learn to hack and hack WiFi and we can say it's not illegal until and unless you are doing without permission. Hacking Wifi is also an important part of learning ethical hacking and penetration testing. So we are here with 10 best WiFi hacking apps for Android to test the network.

Microsoft Azure Flaws Open Admin Servers to Takeover

Security researchers have discovered two flaws in Microsoft Azure web hosting app service that could allow an attacker to take over admin server. The two Microsoft Azure flaws specifically impacted Linux servers.

Hackers can Jailbreak Apple’s T2 Security Chips

Hackers claim that they can now jailbreak Apple's T2 security chips. By combining two exploits initially developed for jailbreaking iPhones, security researchers claim they can also jailbreak Macs and MacBook devices that include Apple's latest line of T2 security chips.

Amazon Alexa Bugs could allow hackers to install malicious skills remotely

Checkpoint researchers have found several severe vulnerabilities on Amazon Alexa and these Amazon Alexa bugs could allow hackers to perform a number of malicious attacks.

How FBI tracked the Twitter Hackers: 17-year-old masetermind

The three masterminds behind the massive Twitter hack have reportedly been hacked, after this, you might be wondering on how FBI tracked the Twitter hackers and how the US investigators tracked down suspected hackers.

Billions of Windows and Linux System infected with Critical GRUB2 Bootloader Vulnerability

Recently a security researcher has discovered a critical BootHole vulnerability that affects most of the Windows devices and Linux Distribution that uses GRUB2 bootloader with Secure Boot.

How to create a notepad virus (2020)

Have you ever thought about how to create a virus? Don't worry we are here with a complete tutorial on how to create a virus with notepad and some funny computer viruses to prank your friends, and also how to create a simple but dangerous notepad virus with step by step explanation. So let's see how to make a virus with a notepad.

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CSC Registration 2021 | How to register for CSC Center in 2021 | CSC Digital Seva

If you are willing to open a CSC center to provide necessary services by government and want to run your business then for that you have to apply for a CSC new center and if you don't know how to do that then we are here with an informative post on How to register for CSC center in 2021. For CSC registration 2021 or Digital Seva Portal, you need to follow some of the steps that are mentioned below.

6 Best Private Search Engines that Do Not Track You

We all care for our privacy whether in real life or on the Internet. Not to worry we are here with 6 Best Private Search Engines that do not track. And will help you to find which is the best search engine?

In-Depth of Lava’s Customizable Smartphones

Lava is an Indian Smartphone brand that has finally delivered us what other smartphone brands were unable to do. The customizable smartphones are Z1, Z2, Z4, Z6. These smartphones are customized by Lava's My Z service. As specified by Lava this service will be upgraded to MyZup for customizing bought out phones. Let's check out the comparison of Lava's customizable smartphones.

Why companies are removing chargers from smartphone boxes?

Recently Apple stopped shipping the chargers with their phones. According to them, this step was taken to reduce waste generation. But, deep down we know they had done this to boost their retail chargers sales. This reason is still not much clear why companies are removing chargers from smartphone.