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Facebook Shares data on International Crimes in Myanmar with UN Investigators

Facebook says that it has shared data with United Nations investigators probing international crimes in Myanmar after the lead investigator said the company was withholding evidence.

China working on GitHub alternative Gitee

China is working to create its own digital world by creating an alternative for top platforms and software. For Google China has alternative named Baidu and recently they have created their own GPS alternative called BeiDou. Now, China is working to create its own GitHub alternative Gitee.

Facebook’s Classic look seems to end soon in September

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg is planning to end Facebook's classic look seems to end soon. Last year Facebook has rolled out its new look for its global users.

Spotify forgets to renew a certificate and has been down for an hour suffers global outrage

Today Spotify has been suffered a global outrage for more than an hour after they forget to renew a certificate that they used as a part for their service. This is the first time that Spotify forgets to renew a certificate.

Microsoft says farewell time for Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft has announced farewell time for Internet Explorer 11, the company said in a blog post. Microsoft has released a detailed timeline when will the Microsoft apps stops the support for Internet Explorer.

Amazon Alexa Bugs could allow hackers to install malicious skills remotely

Checkpoint researchers have found several severe vulnerabilities on Amazon Alexa and these Amazon Alexa bugs could allow hackers to perform a number of malicious attacks.

Twitter planning to buy Tiktok after Microsoft

Twitter has reportedly shown its interest to buy the US operations of Tiktok after Microsoft. Twitter comes up the latest contender showing interest to buy the short video maker app. Now, we can say Twitter planning to buy Tiktok after Microsoft.

Capital One fined $80 million for Data Breach |Capital One Data breach

One of the credit card provider Capital One Financial Corp was fined $80 million for the last year's Capital One data breach that has exposed the personal information of more than 100 million American people.

Indian Government bans top Chinese apps Baidu and Weibo

After banning most of the Chinese apps including Tiktok, UC Browser Indian government bans top Chinese apps including Baidu and Weibo. These top Chinese apps Baidu search and Weibo are to be taken off from the app stores.

How FBI tracked the Twitter Hackers: 17-year-old masetermind

The three masterminds behind the massive Twitter hack have reportedly been hacked, after this, you might be wondering on how FBI tracked the Twitter hackers and how the US investigators tracked down suspected hackers.

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In-Depth of Lava’s Customizable Smartphones

Lava is an Indian Smartphone brand that has finally delivered us what other smartphone brands were unable to do. The customizable smartphones are Z1, Z2, Z4, Z6. These smartphones are customized by Lava's My Z service. As specified by Lava this service will be upgraded to MyZup for customizing bought out phones. Let's check out the comparison of Lava's customizable smartphones.

Why companies are removing chargers from smartphone boxes?

Recently Apple stopped shipping the chargers with their phones. According to them, this step was taken to reduce waste generation. But, deep down we know they had done this to boost their retail chargers sales. This reason is still not much clear why companies are removing chargers from smartphone.

How to Mirror Android screen to PC?

We all have heard and love casting our device on the TV. But, did you know that the android screens can also be cast or mirrored in PCs also? This can be done by many methods which can be wired or wireless. We are here with an awesome guide on how to mirror android screen to PC.