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China Bans Scratch Programming language

china bans scratch programming language

According to reports by, that monitors internet censorship in China, internet users from China are unable to access Scratch’s website, it shows that the website was 100% blocked as early as August 20. Scratch programming language is most popular amongst children.

Scratch programming language was developed Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab that has around 60 million users and it is very much popular programming language amongst the kids. Scratch programming language is used to make games, animations, stories and the likes.

A total of 3 million or 5.65% of Scratch users are from China. However, the figure may be higher than this. 

Why China Bans Scratch Programming Language?

However, there is no official statement released by the authorities but according to the sources and news, the ban was imposed due to the increase in the anti-China content on the open-source platform.

According to state-run news outlet claims that the projects on Scratch contain “a great deal of humiliating, fake, and libelous content about China,” including placing Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan in a dropdown list of “countries”

china bans scratch programming language
china bans scratch language

The report also stated that “any service distributing information in China” must comply with local regulations and the scratch’s user forum, and website have been banned in China.

Scratch programming language is mostly used by the kids to teach about the programming and several coding competitions are also held.

Will the ban remain on Scratch language?

Scratch language is very much popular in almost all the countries and can be accessed 50+ language and it can be used offline, this means that the Chinese users who have already installed the software can use it without having any error.

However, we aren’t sure that will the ban be extended for the future Scratch’s update or will stop working permanently.

Scratch programming is most popular amongst the children and is used by schools to develop a knack of programming in the students. Scratch language is like the first step for the childrens to develop an interest in the programming language.

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