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China working on GitHub alternative Gitee

China is working to create its own digital world by creating an alternative for top platforms and software. For Google China has alternative named Baidu and recently they have created their own GPS alternative called BeiDou. Now, China is working to create its own GitHub alternative Gitee.

Everyone knows GitHub is the world’s largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better software. There are more than 50 million users and more than 100 million repositories.

China ranks fourth in GitHub’s user base but, now it seems that China is working to shift from GitHub to GitHub alternative Gitee. According to reports China is trying to localize their open source developers community. 

China is working to make Gitee an independent open-source code hosting platform. Gitee isn’t a new platform, it was established seven years ago that has more than 5 million developers and over 10 million repositories.

The construction of an open-source ecosystem is not an overnight effort, but a process of gathering sand into a tower. We believe in the creativity of Chinese developers, and we also believe in our persistence and hard work.

founder, Open Source

Gitee is also supported by research universities and the private sector which includes a group of 10 organizations such as Huawei and also by the internal government.

China is looking to localize its source code management on Gitee, but the main question is whether the Chinese developers will migrate from Github to Github alternative Gitee or not?

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