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CSC Registration 2021 | How to register for CSC Center in 2021 | CSC Digital Seva

If you are willing to open a CSC center to provide necessary services by government and want to run your business then for that you have to apply for a CSC new center and if you don’t know how to do that then we are here with an informative post on How to register for CSC center in 2021. For CSC registration 2021 or Digital Seva Portal, you need to follow some of the steps that are mentioned below.

What a is CSC Center or CSC Digital Seva Portal?

CSC Center or CSC digital Seva portal is a scheme started by the Indian government under the Ministry of Electronics and Communication. The CSC started as part of the E-governance plans in the year 2006. At present, it is one of the programs under Digital India. The idea behind the CSC was to digitalize various government-related schemes and services.

The job is handled by VLE (Village Level Entrepreneurs) who will run the CSC center or Digital Seva portal.

Objective or Motive of CSC

  • Emphasis on entrepreneurship in rural areas
  • Playing an important role in the development of India
  • One-stop solution for various G2C and B2C Services.
  • Offering Service to the private sector as well

Eligibility for CSC Registration 2021 or Digital Seva Portal

  • The candidate must have passed at least 10th or 12th
  • Must have passed CSC TEC Course
  • Must have working laptop/computer
  • One Printer/ color printer
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • One Webcam/digital camera
  • Good Internet connection

How to Apply for TEC Certificate

Step 1: Go to CSC Entrepreneur site

Step 2: Click on Register

Step 3: Fill all the details and click on Submit button

Step 4: Pay the registration fees and complete all the assesments.

Step 5: Appear for the exam, after passing the exam TEC Number will be generated.


How to register for CSC Center in 2021 | CSC Registration 2021

If you are willing to open a CSC center with the government then you can easily apply for a CSC center online. To apply for a new CSC center then you must have to pass for the TEC exam and after that, you can move forward for CSC registration 2021.

Step 1: Go to the CSC Register website

Step 2: Then click on Apply and click on New Registration

Step 3: After that select CSC VLE and enter the TEC certificate number and mobile number and click on Submit.

Step 4: Complete Aadhar authentication

Step 5: Fill all your details Personal, education, Location, etc.

Step 6: Review the application for and click on Submit

Step 7: After that Reference number will be generated and Acknowledgement number will be sent on your email

Step 8: After few days you will get an e-mail that your CSC Registration has been accepted or not.

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How to Check CSC Registration Status 2021

To check out the CSC Registration status follow the Steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to CSC website

Step 2: Go to Apply and click on Status Check

Step 3: Enter the Application Reference ID and fill out the captcha and click on submit.

Step 4: After that the status of your application will be shown.

After your CSC ID will be approved you can login into your account via CSC digital Seva portal.

Government Services by CSC

  • Government to citizen
  • Business to citizen
  • CSC Banking
  • CSC Education Services
  • Health Services
  • Digital Seva Portal Services
  • State Government Services
  • Digipay

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