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DigiBoxx, an Indian Cloud Storage Service Launched by NITI Aayog

Earlier this year, Google announced the discontinuation of unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos on the Google Photos app. The public showed disappointment, as it limits to 15GB storage, including storage for Gmail, Drive, and other services. This was done to promote their ‘Google One’ plan effective from June 2021. Now, Indian has launched its own Indian cloud Storage service named DigiBoxx at an affordable price.

After this announcement, NITI Aayog launched Indian Cloud Storage Service, DigiBoxx at affordable prices. This is done to promote the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. Digibox is also a data management platform. The application will launch on August 15 and is available on Andriod and Web, the support for iOS is coming soon.

DigiBoxx: Indian Cloud Storage Service

DigiBoxx is launched by the CEO of NITI Aayog Amitabh Kant after working closely with the DigiBoxx team. DigiBoxx is coming with monthly and yearly plans and for the individual users, it provides 20GB of free storage with 2GB maximum file size upload. Gmail integration, and unlimited external collaborations.

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The plan starts from Rs. 30 per month and entails up to 5TB of storage and 10GB max file size. For SMBs, the Rs. 999 plan includes up to 50TB storage with 10GB max file size and is meant for up to 500 users.

According to the app description, the Indian cloud storage service, DigiBoxx boasts of connection encryption with files being encrypted at a database level and claims all data is stored within the country. It allows users to easily share files with an email ID and mobile number. Other features include on-demand, real-time access, and editing, ability to apply metadata for easy search, support for multiple formats and sizes, and organising assets with labels, sections, and filters. Along with InstaShare to share heavy files.

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