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Facebook Shares data on International Crimes in Myanmar with UN Investigators

Facebook says that it has shared data with United Nations investigators probing international crimes in Myanmar after the lead investigator said the company was withholding evidence. Does Facebook shares data?

One of the Facebook representatives told Reuters that it had given independent Investigative Mechanism on Myanmar (IIMM) data from accounts and pages associated with the Myanmar military that they have removed earlier in 2018 to stop hate speech.

The Human Rights Council has established the IIMM in September 2018. It is mandated to collect evidence of the most serious international crimes and violations of international law.

As these investigations proceed, we will continue to coordinate with them to provide relevant information as they investigate international crimes in Myanmar

the representative said

Myanmar is facing charges of genocide at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over a 2017 military crackdown, but, Myanmar denies the genocide and said that their forces are taking legitimate action against militants who attacked police posts.

The UN Investigators has also said that Facebook had played a key role in spreading hate speech that increased the violence, in reply to that Facebook said that they had removed 18 accounts and 52 pages associated with the Myanmar military, but prevented.

This month the head of the IIMM told that Facebook has not released evidence of “serious international crimes” with the body, despite vowing to cooperate.

This month Facebook blocked a bid by the Gambia, which brought the genocide case against Myanmar at the ICJ.

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