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Facebook’s Classic look seems to end soon in September

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg is planning to end Facebook’s classic look seems to end soon. Last year Facebook has rolled out its new look for its global users.

The social media giant has started to roll out a notification to several users announcing that the Classic look will be discontinued and will become inaccessible to several users from September.

The announcement stated that 

We’re introducing a new look to, and we’re excited for you to start using it. Starting in September, the classic Facebook will no longer be available.

The new Facebook look started to roll out from May which came with major UI changes. This is the first time that Facebook has made a major shift from its blue colour interface.

Facebook is also asking feedback from the users wheather they loved the new UI and features of Facebook or not. The new update has took a very long time to come up. The new UI has everything from icons, text, and other elements bigger in size with a cleaner look to top it off.

There is the thing that why Facebook’s interface is blue because its CEO Mark Zuckerberg and co-founder is red-green colour blind so blue is the colour that he sees the best.

The social media giant has more than 2 billion users over the globe and the new Facebook UI has more cleaner and better look. The new Facebook UI is also faster and also comes with the support for dark mode.

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