Free Netflix Subscription Without Credit Card for 2 days

Last weekend Netflix India has announced a StreamFest and promised to give everyone free Netflix Subscription weekend for Netflix and Chill and now following their promise they are offering free Netflix Subscription without a credit card.

The StreamFest will start from Saturday, December 5 at 12:00 and continue till the end of Sunday, December 6. You will get standard-definition (SD) stream access it will be like a Basic Netflix plan.

In those 48 hours you can watch anything on the Netflix for free but with some restrictions. Additionally Netflix will limit the free Netflix viewer, means that you will get a pop-up like to “StreamFest is at capacity”.So it will be better to grab your seats.

To claim the free Netflix Subscription without a credit card all you need to register your name, email and have to set a password for your account. Using the free Subscription you can watch movies, web series, documentries, etc.

Also, you can stream the free Netflix content on a smart TV, gaming console, iOS, Android, and PC. However, the streaming quality would remain Standard Definition (SD).

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Last year also Netflix has stopped its 30-days free trial for India and later on they also discarded free subscriptions worldwide. But, they are coming up with new strategies to attract more and more audience.

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