Google Developers Policy four important rules

Google Play Store has hosted more than 3 million as of September 2020. However, Play Store policies are very strict. Sometimes there are some apps that crack the algorithm but after some time Google finds them and simply removes malicious apps. Google wants developers to check for the Google Play Developer Policies and Developer Distribution Agreement for the android apps.

Here are four important Google developers policy and the most common app violation and mistakes. Weeks before Google has removed 17 malicious apps from the Play Store that were infected by the Joker malware.

Nowadays Google Developers are very strict regarding Google Developers policy and want the app developers to be more aware about developers policies to keep their apps on the Google Play Store.

Four Important Google Developers Policy

Google play store violation

According to the developers of the Google, there are some apps have buttons and menu that linked to the other app out the Play Store or other affiliated developer making it not clear whether they are promotional links or ads. Without this clarity, apps may get enforced for having deceptive/disguised ads.

Developers can label that menus or buttons as ‘More Apps’, ‘More Games’, ‘Explore’, ‘Check out our other apps’, etc. To avoid their apps being marked deceptive.

Spammy app descriptions

Another type of mistakes that most developers do is that they stuff keywords to get more discoverability and rank easily on certain keywords.

Nowadays Google’s algorithm has become very much accurate and it catches spammy and junk keywords. However, this is also a violation of the Store Listing and Promotion policy.

To be safe from these developers can write a clear app description intended and optimized for user’s readability and understanding.

Google Developers policy

Abandoned and broken apps

play store violation
broken apps on play store

Ths is among one of the biggest mistakes by the developers that they abondon the apps for long time and do not push any updates and bug fixes and Google handles it very strictly even the best and top apps also needs regular updates and bug fixes.

Abandoned and unmaintained apps often create user experience issues — broken app functionality and it violates Google Play’s minimum functionality policy.

Developers can avoid this by unpublishing or re-publishing such apps after fixing the issues.

Apps vs. Webview

web view spam

Google developers have seen a large volume of app submissions that are just the web view of the website and most of the apps are intended to drive traffic rather than providing user experience for Android users.

Google wants developers to create apps that provide more functionality and features and also that gives great user experience. The tech giant has also come up with a Webview Spam course for the developers


According to us developers should read the Google developers policy and the condition before publishing the apps on Play Store and should more focus on users experience and functionalities and the app should be fully secured.

The app should get regular updates and latest fixes. Developers should provide a clear description to be safe from getting the app out of the Play Store.

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