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Google Messages will Automatically delete OTP within 24 hours

APK teardown of Google Messages by XDA Developers reveals that Google Messages will automatically delete OTP within 24 hours. Nowadays OTP is becoming a part of life.

An APK teardown may sometime reveal the future updates and features of an application but we cannot sure that they will be pushed in future updates or not because these features are unimplemented in the live build and can be pulled out anytime by the developers.

Google always focuses on the user’s experience and nowadays whenever we do any bank transaction or log in an account we receive an OTP by later these OTPs start clogging the message inbox and creates difficulty in finding the message, but Google recognises the issue and is now working on it.

As shown in the above image it seems that the Google Message is working on an update that will automatically delete OTP within 24 hours. OTPs are designed to be temporary in nature and mostly valid for 10 minutes.

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When the OTP expires they are of no use but we forget to delete them and bulk of OTPs are created that creates difficulty in managing messages.

Google has come up with an amazing approach that Google messages will automatically delete OTP after 24 hours when they become of no use.

It is more likely that this feature will soon roll out as an option that if you want to keep the OTP or you can automatically delete OTP. Whenever we do a transaction the app automatically reads the message while the message remains unread in the message box creating a clutter of unread message in the inbox creating the worst experience for us.

The feature is a part of improving the user’s experience. In the Android 11 update, we have seen Android fine-tuning its apps for better user experience. Notifications from different apps will now be organized into categories that you can set up easily.

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