Google’s Chrome 86: Critical Payments Bug, Password Checker Among Security Notables.

Google is rolling out 35 security fixes, and a new password feature, in it’s chrome version 86 for windows, Mac, Android and iOS users.

Google Chrome 86 is the latest versions of its browser. In this version, several updates are coming like new password feature, password checker among security notables, payment bug etc.

Chrome 86 updated versions become available on Play Store and App store from a Tuesday. If users want to update then go on play store and app store and update it.

How useful is the latest version of Google chrome 86 for all users–:

This new version of Google’s chrome is very useful for us. This versions provided security of your browser and protect from attackers who attack the websites. Chrome 86 provides security among payment bug.

Chrome 86 version fixes several malicious problems in his websites and provided a free from malicious problem. It also provides clean antivirus.

The Android and iOS versions of chrome 86 will also come with a new security feature, which will send a copy of users username and passwords.

Chrome 86 providing safe browsing if users enabled safe browsing and whether the version of chrome being run is updated with the latest security protections. The browser will now block or warn on some insecure downloads initiated by secure pages.

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