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Hackers can Jailbreak Apple’s T2 Security Chips

Hackers claim that they can now jailbreak Apple’s T2 security chips. By combining two exploits initially developed for jailbreaking iPhones, security researchers claim they can also jailbreak Macs and MacBook devices that include Apple’s latest line of T2 security chips.

Apple’s phones are very high security. No one can break the lock of iPhones. And one more good quality in iPhones is Apple’s T2chips processor, T2 security chips is a special coprocessor that is installed alongside the main Intel CPU on modern Apple desktops (iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini) and laptops (MacBooks).

T2 chips were announced in 2017 and began shipping with all Apple devices sold since 2018. Their role is to fiction as a separate CPU, also known as a co-processor. By default, they handle audio processing and various low-level l/O functions in order to help lift some load off the main CPU.

However, they also serve as a “security chip” –as a secure Enclave processor (SEP)— that processes sensitive data like cryptographic operations, keychain passwords, TouchlD authentication, and that device’s encrypted storage and secure boot capabilities.

Jailbreak of T2 security chips-:

Security researchers have figured out a way to break T2s and found a way to run code inside the security chip during its boot-up routine. The hackers try to jailbreak the T2 chips and take control of anything running on the targeted device, even recovering encrypted data.

Jailbreak of T2 security chips works by combining two exploits Checkm8 and Blackbird initially designed for iOS devices. However, a person technically skilled and have knowledge can jailbreak T2 security chips because the process is a little bit complex other users can result in bricking of the device.

Danger to Apple users-:

The danger regarding this new jailbreaking technique for the Apple users. Any Mac or MacBook left unattended can be hacked by someone who connect a USB-C cable, reboot the device. This is the bad news for Apple users.

Unfortunately this is a hardware related issue it cannot be patched and all Apple’s T2 security chips are unpatchable.

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