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How to become an ethical hacker after 12th

How to become an ethical hacker

Nowadays ethical hacking is becoming very popular but one thing that people don’t know about ethical hacking is that ethical hacking doesn’t mean hacking Facebook or Instagram accounts, if you are coming into the field of ethical hacking for this then my friend this field is not for. In this article, we will clear your doubt regarding ethical hacking and will tell you how to become an ethical hacker after the 12th.

Ethical hacking is a very vast topic and it has many branches. Let’s first discuss what is ethical hacking and after that, we will move on to how to become an ethical hacker.

What is ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking can be defined as the field of the computer that involves hacking into the systems with the permission of the user and finding vulnerabilities in the system that can be exploited by the black hat hackers. Ethical hacking is a great field of computer science if you are a person that loves challenges then this field might suit you.

The persons who hack into the system of the users with permission without having any malicious intent are known as ethical hackers.

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Scope of Ethical Hacking

These days the demand for the cybersecurity industry is increasing very rapidly and within the next few years, there will be a lot of cybersecurity professionals coming into the field after learning ethical hacking you can find bugs in an IT firm and can provide solutions.

How to become an Ethical hacker after 12th


Below are discussed methods on how to become an ethical hacker after 12th

Technical Skills required

For becoming an successful ethical hacker you need

  • Great knowledge in the field of networking
  • Knowledge of various operating systems
  • Familiar with Linux and Cisco network switches
  • have knowledge of the latest hacking techniques and pen-testing methods

Eligibility criteria

You don’t need a special degree to become an ethical hacker, this is the only field of computer science which don’t require a degree but you need to have great knowledge in the field and also there is no age limit you can start learning from any age but if you are 18+ then it will be the safest. These were the eligibility criteria on how to become an ethical hacker after 12th.

Ethical hacker salary

The salary of an ethical hacker ranges from 4-5 lacs in India. However an experienced person can expect more than 15 lacs of income.

How to start learning ethical hacking

There are different platforms where you can start learning ethical hacking and the best part is that you can learn from scratch very easily and become an expert there is everything available on the internet if you have the passion or dedication in this field.

Now I think that you have got an rough idea what is ethical hacking and how to become an ethical hacker after 12th.

Certification for Ethical Hacking

However, there is no certification needed to show your talent but if want to do certification then there are different certification mentioned below that you can do.

» Certificate in Information Security and Ethical Hacking

» Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

» CCNA Certification

» Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

» Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

Conclusion ( How to become an Ethical Hacker after 12th)

If you are interested to become an ethical hacker then there are various courses available on the internet from where you can learn ethical hacking and start your career in this field. Hope you have liked our article on How to become an ethical hacker after 12th.

Questions Related to Ethical Hacking?

  • Is Ethical hacking a good career?

Undoubtedly ethical hacking is a good career if you are looking for an IT industry.

  • Is Ethical hacking legal?

Yes ethical hacking is legal and and booming industry

  • Which programming language do hacker’s use?

Mostly the language used is python but there is no restriction for language you can use C++, GO, Ruby, etc.

  • What is the syllabus of Ethical hacking?

You should have knowledge of different operating systems, deep knowledge of networking, different programming languages.

  • Is there is any government job in the field of Ethical hacking?

Yes, government do hire hackers in order to protect their systems

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