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How to create a WordPress website 2021

Create free wordpress website

Earlier to creating a small website requires very much technical knowledge but nowadays creating a website has become so much easy that you can create it with some clicks without having any technical knowledge. You can save thousands of Rupees that marketing agencies charge and can create a professional-looking website. We are here with an amazing guide on How to create a WordPress website in 2021.

Why do you need a website?

If we talk about today in this digital world to grow any small business vendors need a website or a platform to sell their products. And you can create free WordPress website very easily.

Why to Choose WordPress to create website

This type of question can come into your mind that why to choose WordPress to create a website. Here is the answer to your question.

  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • One of the most popular CMS
  • Lesser Maintenance cost
  • Secure
  • Work done within minutes

How to Create a WordPress website 2021

We will guide you with complete steps to create a website in WordPress


Buy a domain name for your website and this might be the toughest task to come up with a good domain name. We spend days and weeks coming up with a good domain name.

It happens like, We get a good domain name in mind and check it and that domain name is taken.

For the next time we think of a good domain name that’s too was taken. After trying for more amazing name and after weeks we come up with a name that is not taken and we go move further.

One thing we can notice that website name have become so common in our day-to-day life that we find it better to change the name of the business to match with an available name.

And after the next steps become very easy to create and setup a website choosing a domain name was the hardest step and the rest of the steps are very easy.

Hope you are enjoying the article on how create a WordPress website in 2021.

Register your domain name

After finding a better domain name all you have to do is to register the domain name.

Let’s first know about the domain name registrar

A domain registrar is a company that specializes in buying and registering domains.

A web host, on the other hand, specializes in running servers that host websites. This is where all your files of the website is stored.

You can buy domain name and host either from the same provider or you can buy from.

Decide What kind of service you want to provide

The most important thing is that you should decide earlier that what type of service or content you will be providing.

After buying a domain name the next step is to find a good hosting provider that fits in your budget and provides better service. There are many options available on which you can create a website and here are few of the common topics that you can Choose are mentioned below.


You can easily create an e-commerce store on WordPress with a theme and some plugins. You can use WooCommerce to kcreate an E-commerce store on WordPress.

Blogging Website

If you are planning to create a blogging website that contains a lot of content then WordPress will be the best CMS platform to choose for because in WordPress you can easily do proper SEO and can rank your website on the top page of Google.

Most of the websites built on WordPress are blogs. If we compare WordPress with any other platform then clearly WordPress will be the clear winner.

Portfolio Websites

Some of the businesses also need a simple portfolio website for their business. These websites tell us few things about a business such as.

  • What does the business do
  • What the business is for
  • Main objective of Business

Any Other IDEA

If you have any other idea for your website then also you can do with WordPress it is the most flexible platform we can create blogging websites, we can create e-commerce websites, we can create portfolio websites, and many more categories of website we can create on WordPress.

WordPress is the most flexible and user-friendly platform that you can use to create free WordPress website. It saves a lot of programming time and also it is a very secure platform. Also, if you know to program then you can edit the code also.

Find a Good Hosting Service

After registering the domain name with the domain name provider, the next step is to buy a good hosting, all you have to do is find a good hosting provider and buy a hosting plan that suits your budget.

To run your website you need a web host an actual server that will store the files and handle the traffic. There are many hosting providers such as BlueHost, Digital Ocean, etc.

Install WordPress

The next step is to install WordPress on your hosting plan, in many hosting plan there is an option for one-click install feature that will install WordPress with just a click.

Point your Nameserver to your Domain Name

Now our task is almost complete all we need to do is that we have to point our domain name to the host and whenever people will search your domain your website will be opened.

This is the part where you need some technical knowledge, you might get confused with some of the stuffs there but you can ask customer support on how to point domain name to host or there are tons of tutorials available.

Once you got the nameserver details all you have to do is just update the host nameserver in the domain registrar and configure it, it may take a few hours to get configured.

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Install WordPress theme

Now the easiest part that comes is to choose a good looking theme and install it in your WordPress and setup it. This would be very easily you can do that with some drag and drop things.

The look of your website is determined by the theme. Change the old theme with a new theme and the look of your website will be changed within seconds.

But, if you are new to WordPress then it might take some time to be familiar with WordPress.

You can choose any free theme or you can buy a premium theme from Theme Forest at $30-$60. After you have purchased your theme go to WordPress Dashboard and click on Appearance > themes > Add New >Upload theme.

Add More and More Content in your website

Congrats you almost have completed all the part of your website and some things are left. This guide on How to create a WordPress website 2021 is almost complete. Let’s have a recap what we have done till now.

  • Buy Domain name and hosting
  • Connecting domain name and hosting
  • Install WordPress and themes

After setting up your WordPress website all you have to do is add and update more and more content of your website. Explore some more websites like your’s and see what they have added and whats extra you have to add in your website.

If you are starting a blog website then you have to add a few common pages in your blog.

  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Home Page

Expand your business

You can also add some plugins to make your work more easy like you are running a blog website then you need a SEO plugin to do SEO for your website and many more things if you want.

Slowly grow your traffic on your website and reach to more and more people.


That’s all, for now, this was the complete guide on how to create a WordPress website 2021and you can create free WordPress website. Hope you have liked our post and tell us in the comment section if you are having any doubts regarding to create free WordPress website

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