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How to Increase Internet Speed in Airtel in 2021

Nowadays, everyone is facing internet issues, which makes our daily work very difficult such as browsing, surfing Instagram and Facebook, loading videos, and attending lectures. So we are here with this amazing post on how to increase internet speed in Airtel in 2021.

How to Increase Internet Speed in Airtel  

First of all, check your smartphone how much network your Airtel sim is catching, it will depend on some factors such as:

  • Check your network connectivity in your area this is the main thing. Check out how many network towers are there in your area.
  • Is your device up to date? This can be the reason from time to time smartphone manufacturers push updates, check that your smartphone is running the latest version or not.
  • How old is your smartphone this can also be the reason because most modern smartphones have the latest technology and chipset installed.

How to check airtel tower in my area?

If you wanted to check airtel tower in your area then visit the Airtel Open Network tower page. After that landing on the Airtel network tower page just add your area then you can see the nearby Airtel towers.

Check APN Settings

Check the APN settings of your smartphone. Follow the steps mentioned below for perfect APN settings.

Increase Airtel Internet Speed

Step1: Open your smartphone settings and navigate to SIM Card & Mobile Data.


Step2: There you will find Access Point Name or APN open it.


Step3: There on the upper side you will see three dots and click on it and click on the reset APN settings. After that, we will modify the APN settings just follow the table below


Step4: Modify the values according to the table.

Proxynot set
Portnot set
UsernameSpeed, Max
MMSCnot set
MMS Proxynot set
MMS Portdefault
APN Typedefault,supl
Authentication TypePAP
APN ProtocolIPV4/IPV6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPV4/IPV6

After successfully changing the APN setting then save the APN settings and restart your phone. After this enjoy the fast Airtel internet speed.

All things are done tell us in the comments section how much you enjoyed our article on How to Increase Internet Speed in Airtel. Keep visiting the website we will come up with the latest tips and tricks related to technology.

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