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How to start a Dropshipping business

Start a Dropshipping Business

For at least once in a while you might have heard about Dropshipping or you are here to know how to start a Dropshipping business but before starting you need to know some of the financial steps that you should take before entering into the business.

Before starting a Dropshipping business you might have some questions in your mind that “What is Dropshipping? or “How to start a Dropshipping business?” , “How much money do you need to start a Dropshipping business?”

What is Dropshipping?


Before starting a dropshipping business things let’s first discuss Dropshipping or What is Dropshipping. Dropshipping is a type of business model in which a company can take orders from the customers without holding the stocks.

In simple it means that you take orders from the customers and your order will be supplied by your supplier without you physically holding the inventories.

Start a Dropshipping Business without money?

Well, the truth is that you can’t start a successful Dropshipping business without spending a penny but the plus point is that you don’t need a lot of money you need to spend some amount because if you started earning by doing nothing and just sitting so everyone will be doing that and If everyone will be doing this then no one will be earning because the market will be so much saturated.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business?

The first thing for starting a dropshipping business is a Niche on which you can start your Dropshipping business after that you need to set up your store from where customers can place orders and after setting up all the things you need to start marketing your products.

Select a Niche

This is the very first step that you need to start your business. To start your Dropshipping business you need a unique niche and you need to stand out different from others, people have reason to buy from your store.

You need to offer something unique in the market and stand out from the other to start growing your business.

Find a Supplier

The other thing is that you need a good supplier, most of the Dropshipping suppliers are overseas and that makes the communication very difficult.

Alibaba is one of the largest and the best platform for drop shippers because it has a wide range of products and you can get it at very cheap and sell at more price.

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Setup a Store

So now you have created your mindset to start a Dropshipping business and you have got some unique and awesome ideas the next step you need a working model to run a business you need to set up your Store. It’s up to you, you can choose any store. Some of the available options are:


Shopify: You can set up a Shopify store by paying a monthly amount depending on the features that you want and how big you want your store to be.

Amazon: You can also choose Amazon by paying for the per-item sold and with some additional fees too. Also, Amazon has introduced a professional account that if you sold more than 35 items then you can choose a monthly subscription plan that will save the cost per-item sold.

eBay: You can also choose eBay to start your business and pay for the per-item sold you can list your items and a percentage of what it sells you will pay to eBay.

Start marketing

One of the most important things, before need that you need to do, starts marketing your product and promote on different platforms to generate leads without marketing your product you need to depend on the people to come to your store and buy product so start marketing on different platforms.

One of the best way is start promoting on social media so that it reaches to the large amount of audience.

Are your along with us on this guide on How to start a Dropshipping business.

Invest Time and Analyze

Another Strategic move is that you need to analyze your customer’s needs, what customers are looking for, what type of customers are coming to your store. And after that, you need to optimize your store according to your customer needs.

Always test new ideas on your business model and analyze the reaction of your business.

Have Patience

One of the most important thing in a business is that you need to have patience. You can’t earn thousands of dollars of money within you need to have the patience to make your Dropshipping business successful.

Bonus point

We also have a bonus point on this guide on How to start a Dropshipping business and the bonus is that you can also monetize your store by third-party ad service providers that will also help you to earn extra income.

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