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How to start bug bounty hunting: Beginner’s guide

How to start bug bounty hunting

If you are searching for the best resources on how to start bug bounty hunting, no need to worry we are here with an amazing guide to starting bug hunting with an ultimate beginner’s guide. If you have no idea where to start then we will tell you the complete roadmap with the best websites, best tools, and vulnerabilities. After reading the article you will get an idea of how to learn bug hunting So let’s start with an introduction to what bug hunting actually is?

What is a Bug Bounty?

source: Geeksforgeeks

A bug bounty is a program in which hackers and pentester’s get compensation for reporting vulnerabilities in web application’s, software, firmware or hardware to the organization. Different organization run bug bounty programs and pay compensation for finding bugs and vulnerabilities.

The main purpose of running bug bounty program is to prevent black hat hackers to exploit the vulnerability and harm the infrastructure. From past many years bug bounty programs have been grown and more and more organizations are running including government and big companies.

Most of the time the bug bounty reward is in the form of cash and it can range from few hundreds of dollars depending upon the severity of the vulnerability.

How to start bug bounty for beginner’s

So if you are a beginner then we will share the best resources and tell you a detailed guide to get started with the bug hunting.

Select a niche

The first thing that you need to decide on a niche to start bug bounty hunting. There are different niches you have to choose which niche suits you the best, if you don’t have any experience in any niche then you can try all of them one by one and check and check where your interest is more. Below mentioned are some of the most common niches.

  • Web Application/API
  • Mobile Application
  • Source Code Disclosure
  • Block Chain

Learn different Skills

To start with the bug bounty hunting you need to know the basics first and then slowly move on and learn new things. Before going to find bugs, first you need to learn about different vulnerabilities and how to find/reproduce them. There are many resources available for beginners from where you can start with. Below are mentioned some of the resources from where you can start with

1 .OWASP Top 10


OWASP Top 10 is a standard document that contains the top 10 most impactful vulnerabilities in the world. The best way to lean on OWASP Top 10 is simply by practicing. Basically, OWASP Top 10 includes all the basic topics that you need to kickstart your career in the field of bug bounty and ethical hacking. OWASP Top 10 is the best way to start bug bounty hunting.

2 . The Web Application Hackers Handbook

This is one of the best books that you should read when you are starting to learn bug bounty hunting, this could be one of the most helpful resources. We would recommend you to read this book while starting your bug bounty hunting.

3 . Learn Different Web Technologies

While starting in bug hunting you should also learn some commonly used programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL this would be more helpful when you will be finding live bugs. Before hunting bugs, you need to clear what technologies they are using in the background and so that you will get an idea about the backend functioning.

Bug Bounty hunting tools

There are tons of tools available but we are mentioning some of the most common tools below.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is one of the professional and most famous tools that are used by the hackers and pentesters to check the security of the web application and find vulnerabilities. burp Suite is a proxy based tool that is used to do hands-on testing.

Google Dorks

Google Dorks is used to find hidden data that normal people can’t find easily. This tool basically use the power of indexing of a website and find data.


HackBar is an amazing security auditing/penetration testing Mozilla Firefox addon, this tool can be used to test site security, XSS holes, and SQL injections.


There were the steps to start bug bounty hunting for beginners, If you have liked our article then do share it with your friends and If you have any query left then do tell us in the comment section our team will reach out to you soon. For more articles to learn bug hunting follow us.

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