Netflix top 10 movies must watch (2020)

Netflix has unveiled its top 10 features after that they shared the Netflix top 10 movies that have the biggest number of hits, worldwide. In the list of Netflix top movies with the most number of subscribers, Chris Hemsworth actioner Extraction remains at the top with 99 million views.

After the extraction followed up by Bird Box, horror thriller movie with 89 million views in a month.

Extraction was written by Anthony and Joe Russo. The movie was released in 2020 and has so much popularity after the releasing and broke the viewership records.

On the second place here comes Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson’s Birdbox, a horror thriller movie that was released in 2018 and has gained 89 million views in a month.

most watched movies of netflix
Netflix top 10 movies

On the third place here comes Mark Wahlberg’s Spenser Confidential that has crossed over 85 million views in a month. 

The fourth and the fifth spot was secured by Michael Bay’s 6 Underground that has crossed 83 million views and Murder Mystery that has crossed 73 million in a month.

The sixth spot was filled by Charlie Theron’s The Old Guard that was released a few days back and has secured the sixth spot with 72 million views. 

On the seventh place here comes Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman that has crossed over 64 million views.

The eighth spot place was secured by Ben Affleck’s Triple Frontier with over 63 million views.

Finally here comes The Wrong Missy and The Platform on the ninth and tenth place on Netflix top 10 movies.

List of Netflix top 10 movies

Here is the entire list of most watched netflix movies

  • Extraction: 99 million views
  • Bird Box — 89M
  • Spenser Confidential — 85M
  • 6 Underground — 83M
  • Murder Mystery — 73M
  • The Old Guard — 72M
  • The Irishman — 64M
  • Triple Frontier — 63M
  • The Wrong Missy — 59M
  • The Platform — 56M

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