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New Gmail logo Google Planning to change Gmail Logo

Google is now planning to change the logo for Gmail pretty soon. It is now working on a new logo for Gmail that will feature blue, green, red, and yellow colour. The new Gmail logo teaser released by Google.

As now reported by 9to5google, Google has sent a teaser image highlighting Gmail’s new logo. Currently, Google has now red and white colour scheme.

Google map new logo

However, if we closely look at all the Google products have the same four colour pattern blue, green, red, and yellow. If we see the new Google Map logo it also has the same pattern of four colours.

However, it is expected that the new Gmail logo has four colour scheme. As per the 9to5Google reports below is a teaser for the new Gmail logo.

The new design of the Gmail logo forms a letter ‘M’, but we can see that the envelop icon is missing. Last time Google changed the logo in 2015 and now once again Google is changing the logo to symbolise changes/features.

Earlier Google also said that they are working to make Gmail a productivity app by combining Google Chat, Rooms, and Meet, for G-suite accounts the update has already been rolled out. 

At the Cloud Next developer conference, the company introduced tabs for Chat and Rooms. 

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