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Spotify forgets to renew a certificate and has been down for an hour suffers global outrage

Today Spotify has been suffered a global outrage for more than an hour after they forget to renew a certificate that they used as a part for their service. This is the first time that Spotify forgets to renew a certificate.

Users were reporting that they were having difficulty in playing songs, the song only played for few seconds and after that, it pauses and displays an error that cannot play the current song

Approximately around 8 AM EST today Spotify users began reporting problems that they are unable to connect their service showing an error “Couldn’t load the page“.

However, Spotify has not explained the cause of the failure, but it seems that Spotify forgets to renew a TLS certificate. According to a Cloudflare network security engineer Louis Poinsignon, a wildcard certificate for the Spotify hostname * had not been renewed and expired.

After an hour later all services were restored and Poinsignon stated that the certificate was renewed again and also Spotify official account tweeted that all services were restored.

Last December the company stated that they had around 124m Premium subscribers and 271m total Monthly Active Users worldwide.

Spotify primarily uses Google Cloud for hosting and AI tools that why they are more heavily promoted by Google.

Unfortunately, these problems related to expired certificates are becoming more common as most of the service providers have moved towards secure connections.

A similar type of issue has occurred in July with a broader Facebook iOS SDK that meant that the app gets crashed at the time of startup.

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