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When Is the Release Date of PUBG Mobile ? Latest Updates

In the month of September, the Indian Government banned the worldly famous game and especially in India, PUBG. This step was taken due to the problems in the Indo-China Border. After the ban, everyone is curious about the release date of PUBG.

Indian Government bans top Chinese apps Baidu and Weibo

After banning most of the Chinese apps including Tiktok, UC Browser Indian government bans top Chinese apps including Baidu and Weibo. These top Chinese apps Baidu search and Weibo are to be taken off from the app stores.

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6 Best Private Search Engines that Do Not Track You

We all care for our privacy whether in real life or on the Internet. Not to worry we are here with 6 Best Private Search Engines that do not track. And will help you to find which is the best search engine?

In-Depth of Lava’s Customizable Smartphones

Lava is an Indian Smartphone brand that has finally delivered us what other smartphone brands were unable to do. The customizable smartphones are Z1, Z2, Z4, Z6. These smartphones are customized by Lava's My Z service. As specified by Lava this service will be upgraded to MyZup for customizing bought out phones. Let's check out the comparison of Lava's customizable smartphones.

Why companies are removing chargers from smartphone boxes?

Recently Apple stopped shipping the chargers with their phones. According to them, this step was taken to reduce waste generation. But, deep down we know they had done this to boost their retail chargers sales. This reason is still not much clear why companies are removing chargers from smartphone.

How to Mirror Android screen to PC?

We all have heard and love casting our device on the TV. But, did you know that the android screens can also be cast or mirrored in PCs also? This can be done by many methods which can be wired or wireless. We are here with an awesome guide on how to mirror android screen to PC.