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Twitter Must Comply With New IT Rules for Digital Media, Says Delhi High Court

Social media and New IT Rules

The government issued some guidelines for all large social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Google to comply with the new IT rules. According to this, they had to appoint nodal officers till the 25th of May 2021.

The chief compliance officer, Nodal contact person, and Grievance officer were to be employed by the company to act upon the complaints under 15 days.



Twitter has to comply with the new Information Technology Rules for digital media if they have not stayed, the Delhi High Court said on Monday. Justice Rekha Palli issued notice to the Centre and social media platform Twitter seeking their stand on a plea by a lawyer, Amit Acharya, claiming non-compliance of its rules. 

While Twitter claimed before the court that it has complied with the rules and appointed a resident grievance officer, the central government disputed the claim. “They have to follow it (rules) if it has not stayed,” the court said.

Twitter has said that it has appointed a resident grievance officer as per the new rules on 28th of May 31, 2021 The court and Twitter council Sajan Poovayya have agreed that there is no question about, not complying. So twitter had not complied when the petition was filed but since then it has in terms of the appointment of a resident grievance officer which happened on the 28th of May Twitter claims as per the new IT rules.

Now twitter will have to reply in three weeks and put on record what has been done regarding compliance. So the matter has now been posted to the 6th of July.

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