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Why Tamil Nadu Banned Online Gaming: Explained

On Friday online gaming was banned by Tamil Nadu. Governor Banwarilal Purohit stated that a fine up to Rs. 5000 and six months of jail is the punishment. This was done by passing an ordinance. This ordinance also stated that the transfer of electronic funds for wagering and betting, distributing the winnings, prize money will also be a punishable act. You might be having some questions in your mind that why Tamil Nadu bans online gaming.

With the rise in online gaming, innocent people, mainly youngsters, are being cheated, and some people have committed suicide.
He further stated, ‘the state has thus decided to ban online gaming to avoid such incidents of suicide and protect the innocent people from the evils of online gaming.’.

Governor said

What constitutes online games?

The early 1990s also had community-based games were gaming arcades, quiet popular US and Japan in that era. These arcades required the gamer to buy in-game time with some chips. From the arcade, the games moved to house consoles, and then further to personal computers.

After the internet has come and the arrival of connectivity on personal computers, these multiplayer games saw players hosting gaming parties using local area networks. Then came the affordable network plans, this lead all the arcade-based multiplayer games moved online. These days, though nearly all games are played online when the user connects their device to the server hosted by the gaming company, most of them are free and meant only for entertainment and also include in-game purchases.

Multiplayer games such as Players Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG, Counter-Strike (CS) though free for most users, give the option of buying in-game purchases such as avatar, gun skins, etc. Other multiplayer card games such as Rummy, Blackjack, and Poker require the player to invest some money to enter the game to play with other players across the globe.

Why has Tamil Nadu banned online gaming?

As we know it is done for the betterment of people, especially for the youngsters and any form of wagering and betting or distribution of prize money is banned. through electronic funds. The state government quotes it as to “avoid the circumstances of suicide and protect innocent people from the evils of online gaming”.

This means that players can not go to gaming arcades or put add-on to their games or do an in-app purchase. Based on the government’s decision debates are held.

Do you still have doubt why Tamil Nadu banned online gaming ?

These debates are based on whether online games are based on luck or skill and money complicates this furthermore. Most of the adversaries of online gaming say that the public spends too much money on these games and in in-app purchases.

Critics have also said that since these games are also played by kids of all ages, the lack of money to buy these add-on puts different kinds of peer pressure leading to unpleasant circumstances.



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